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Original, Customized Book Cover Design


We feel that book cover design should be completely original and customized for your book. No templates or stock cover designs here! It is for this reason that all Kokonutlime Publishing authors receive exceptional, attention-getting book cover designs.

We work with you every step of the way to create the perfect cover for your book.  Once you approve the final book cover design, you own the book cover layout and all of the artwork. This gives you the freedom to do anything you want with it – from printing up posters to publishing your book with another company.

You own 100% of the book cover design and layout.

Kokonutlime Publishing hires in-house designers to ensure that we create the highest quality book cover designs. Below are just a few of the fantastic book cover designs that we’ve done for our authors:

How The Book Cover Design Process Works

  1. Once you have purchased our book cover design service, you will complete our comprehensive book cover design questionnaire.  This provides our designers with specific direction for the creation of your book cover concept.
  2. Within 7-10 business days after completion of the book cover design questionnaire, two unique book cover design concepts will be ready for your review. (If you paid for an extra cover design concept, this will be ready for you at the same time). You will receive an email from us instructing you how to log back in to view your covers.
  3. Choose the book cover design you like best and suggest any changes that you want made.   Our designers will make up to 5 revisions to your chosen book cover design free of additional charge.
  4. Once you have signed off on the final design of the front book cover, you will submit the desired text for the back of the book cover, along with your author picture (should you choose to use one).  We will then insert the bar code, ISBN number, and other required information in order to complete the design of the front, back, and spine of the book cover.

You can receive the digital book cover design file at any time.

Remember, you own 100% of the rights to everything we create for you!


I have an image I want to use on the cover, is that possible?

Generally speaking, if the image has a resolution quality of more than 300 dpi and you have the rights to use the image, we are able to use it.

Do I still have to pay for cover design if I submit an image for the front cover?

You will have to pay for cover design unless you submit a press ready PDF file of the front and back cover, and the spine of the book (which is impossible to do unless you have a fully formatted book).  If you submit a designed front cover, but no back cover and/or spine, the designer will still need to create a layout for you. For this reason we cannot provide a discount.

I want to use an old picture that I scanned into my computer.  How will it look?

Unfortunately, if you scan an old picture into your computer, it will look like an old picture you scanned into your computer.  Remember, all images for the front cover must be 300 dpi or greater, or they will not render properly (trust us when we say this produces a truly horrific result).

Can I just have text on the front cover of my book?

Yes.  For many books, especially business and reference, keeping the book cover design simple and clutter-free looks great. It can also powerfully broadcast your message loud and clear.